About Us

Embrace A Village is an international relief & community development organization was founded by Joe & Pat Clendenny whose hearts were moved in a soul searching way which made them full of compassion and love towards their fellow humans to dedicate their life to the work of helping and motivation the unfortunate leprosy patients and their Colonies, that a transformation for a better and meaningful life would be the final result of their goal.EAV India came in to existence from 2003 by its national director Mr. .Anil Kumar Bhaskaran.

Embrace a Village is currently working among 35 leprosy villages in Chennai, Chengalpet , Attur (selam), Tanjore and Coimbatore. Our program not only brings medical relief and physical relief to these patients but it also helps in rehabilitating them and thus transforms these victims, their families, and colonies into self help groups. This helps these victims to live with dignity and self respect instead of beggars on the streets of cities and villages of our great nation India.

The goal of Embrace a Village is not only to take our work to the places where we right now work but also to extend our work to leprosy colonies throughout all the states of India and the world through physical, educational, social work.